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8 films with great environmental awareness

At times, the film think green. Coinciding with the first edition of id· Art Madrid recycles, corporate video in Calgary that taught us to care for the environment.


31 October ends the deadline for the submission of works to the competition of art and recycling id· Art Madrid recycles, first edition of a competition that aims to environmental awareness, raise awareness about recycling and conservation of our environment through audiovisual artistic creations and installations of ephemeral architecture. Your website can see the bases to participate with your projects in the contest, which has an endowment of 14,500 euros to be distributed between the two sections.

In the audiovisual field, one of the standards is to have a message that convey the importance of recycling and environmental care. Rodrigo Sorogoyen (Stockholm),that will preside over the jury choose the winning work, has directed the short film the dreamer standards. You can see it by clicking Movie Tube. Many other films have endorsed the concern by the behaviour of human beings with nature, the problem of the management of waste, depletion of natural resources and as palpable as the climate change threats. The coming month, without going any further, two premieres as Interstellar, cLukas Nolan, and Los Boxtrolls, new film animation Studio Laika,carry important environmental messages in their stories. We have made a selection of 8 films with high environmental awareness, since different genera, have taught us to take better care of our planet, the only one we have at the moment.

Wall· E (2008) (available on youtubeonfire)

Until it reaches Insterstellar, can that no recent sci-fi film has so thoroughly portrayed the black (and dusty) future that awaits our planet if we continue with the present rate of unbridled consumption. Andrew Stanton home the first half of the film as a wordless story of a desolate Earth and lifeless where its mechanical protagonist, the robot Wall· E, is the only unit of cleaning that is active on a planet that is already considered unrecoverable. But portrait making was almost more frightening in the second half of human beings of the future, obese, narcotizados to their screens and sunk in their mobile armchairs on the space station where survive.


Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind (1984)

Animated film has served on many occasions channel to transmit environmental values that previous generations could not have so ingrained to the youngest of the family.Within this field, the Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki is all a specialist to provide to their animated love and respect for nature, jewelry to be threatened, does not hesitate to respond and defend themselves, as in The Princess Mononoke (1997). But before even from the creation of Ghibli, it all started with Nausicaa of the Valley of the wind,second film of Miyazaki, who also adapted a manga you. This antinuclear story, premiered with the recommendation of the worldwide Fund for nature (WWF), the Earth also it is devastated as a result of endless wars and Nausicaa is a pacifist Princess who defends his Kingdom and the only forest that remains contaminated and populated by giant insects.


FernGully (1992)

There are more recent titles with suspicious plot similarities -Avatar (2009), Epic(2013)-, but by closing the animation section would like to remind this humble classic, co-production of Hollywood with Australia, where the ecological anxieties of the 1990s had a well underlined embodiment. Inside a rainforest in wild deforestation lives a community of fairies in bikini, fighting against the evil spirit of the pollution and toxicity,Hexxus, represented by a viscous mass of oil and black smoke that Tim Curry pipe passed it by voice.


Mysterious ships (1972)

Latest samples of plant life of the land remaining after absolute extinction are some botanical ships that revolve around Saturn. There Bruce Dern the cares with the help of a couple of robots gardeners in the first film as a director of the author’s special effects Douglas Trumbull, thousand times more simple and ingenuous that the 2001: A Space Odyssey that had helped to create. The soundtrack with songs by Joan Baez contributes to reinforce the environmental message at the end of the era hippie.


Star Trek IV – Mission: save the Earth (1986)

Until the orca Willy stole centre stage to awareness of respect for the marine creatures with a franchise of films last syrup, the fourth film installment of Star Trek marked a turning point in the series thanks to the decision of the producers initially give the reins of the project to Leonard Nimoy. The interpreter of Spock devised alongside Harve Bennett an argument where the Enterprise mission is to travel from the 23rd century to the past, our age, to prevent the extinction of gray whales. It turns out that only they can save us in the future of the absolute destruction; Once the dolphins have decided to leave resulting lost (and thanks for the fish).


Promised land (2012)

The fleeced of natural resources, how to obtain them and squander them plays a central role in the filming of Gus Van Sant , starring Matt Damon, where a natural gas company representative comes to a small farming community with the intention to buy their land, devalued by the economic recession, and allocated to drilling. Not only emphasizes themes as the social responsibility of enterprises, but that its release in the U.S. led to extensive discussions very critical with the extraction of fossil fuels, known as economically profitable, hydraulic fracturing technique but with a serious cost of environmental impact due to their high consumption and pollution.


On leg of war (2010)

Although at this stage it seems highly unreasonable to claim a film starring Brendan Fraser in the last dozen years, this comedy family and goofy’s Roger Kumle (Crueles intentions, the sweetest thing) quite rightly so in an interview. Its plot layout could not be clearer although it had neon lights: Fraser plays a real estate developer who wants to raze a forest to build a residential area. This makes the animals that live there to declare war with digital movements and worthy of a Looney Tunes episode shenanigans where the actor plays be Elmer Fudd, Wile e. Coyote and cat wild at the same time. Defenestrada by critics, is the highest you can get physical humor and the environmentalist message you have never heard of subtlety, friends.

Three colors: blue, white, Red (1993-94)

And have to do the work of Krzysztof Kieslowski with environmental awareness and recycling? Then, as happens with the great storytellers, do not need to underline the message with fluorescent to transmit it. In the trilogy of films formed by Blue (1993),white (1994) and Red (1994), the same situation is repeated in each story of loneliness and misunderstanding urban: elderly people who fail to put bottles in the recycling bin. The reaction of each protagonist in each situation summarizes the general meaning of each film – liberty, equality, fraternity-. There is the best message to promote recycling: small and insignificant everyday gestures that, without effort, mean a world; in particular, our.

Leonardo DiCaprio, the “green” Holywood star

Leonardo DiCaprio was named peace Ambassador by the United Nations for the fight against climate change and for this reason now enters the political arena in New York.

15 years Leonardo DiCaprio invests money, criterion and heart in the protection of the environment. Last week the actor of 39 years was appointed as Ambassador of peace by the United Nations for the fight against climate change and therefore now enters the political arena in New York.

The success of “Titanic” catapulted DiCaprio in 1997, becoming one of the most sought-after actors and the most desired by the fans. Just 23 years old and a year later it had already made a name in Hollywood as a “green” star.

Ecologist convinced, created in 1998 Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, which is connected with other associations, especially in the area of global warming, renewable energy, clean water and the protection of ecosystems.

His Foundation got to raise, for example, 25 million dollars (19 million euros) in the charity gala that was held in last July. A month before DiCaprio announced that you he will donate seven million dollars for the protection of the seas.

German mother, the actor’s son has joined his life certain habits that are less aggressive to the environment and therefore used hybrid cars and uses solar energy.

In addition, as producer DiCaprio endorsed in 2007 documentary “The 11th Hour” on climate change. At its premiere in Cannes he asked politicians and citizens a greater commitment to the sustainability of the environment. “I think that the environment is the most important issue of our generation,” said the actor in Titanic.

DiCaprio, who wants to put special emphasis on environmental protection, as Ambassador to the UN peacekeeping continues also with his film career and in his next project, a western thriller “The Revenant” storyline, will perform to a hunter who goes into the American wild lands in the 19th century.

For his role as broker in the last film of Martin Scorseses “The Wolf of Wall Street” was nominated for an Oscar, an award that it has resisted since it was nominated for the first time made 20 years ago with the family drama “What completo Eating Gilbert Grape” (1994). Since he returned to compete for the prize with “Aviator”, “50 shades of gray pdf” and “Blood Diamond”.

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