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Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine
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Air Breeze Land Wind Turbine

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The all-new Air Breeze is quieter and more efficient. It is engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds and intended for use in a variety of battery charging applications, including remote homes,
sailboats, telecommunication towers, monitoring stations and areas of the developing world.
Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking. 3-year warranty.

Features include:

  • Durable composite blades
  • Delivers 33 kWh/mo @ 12 mph avg. wind speed
  • Maximum wind speed is 110 mph
  • Aircraft-quality aluminum alloy castings
  • Brushless neodymium alternator
  • Minimal maintenance with two moving parts
Operational Data:

Rated Output - 200 Watts @ 28 mph

Cut-in Wind Speed - 6 mph

Factory Vdc Regulation - 14.1 / 28.2 / 56.4

Voltage Range Adjustable Vdc - 13.6 - 17.0 / 27.2 - 34.0 / 54.4 - 68.0

Rec. Breaker Size Amps - 50 / 25 / 15

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