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SunRay - Model 2028 SX2
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SunRay Model 2028 SX2

Retail Price: $ 10,000.00

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Charity Receives: 50% of the Profit

SunRay Cruise Car™

This baby just loves the sun – and why not when the sun recharges the batteries through the top solar panel.

This is one of the most comfortable and durable golf vehicles manufactured. There’s no need to limit your Sunray to the golf course when you can follow the sun through your planned community or take it with you on your RV and yachting adventures.

This environmentally-friendly vehicle recharges its own batteries in the sun through solar panels mounted on the roof so you save money and the environment!

So sit back and relax in your Sunray Cruise Car.

General Specifications:

Motor Power (hp) - 5.5 (standard)

Battery Voltage (v) - 48

Battery Quantity (pcs) - 6 - 8v 48v Trojan T875 (optional)

Solar Panel - 180 watt, 60v, 3 amps per hour

Range with Solar (miles) - 55+

Maximum Speed (mph) - 22

Climbing Ability (loaded) - 28 degree incline

Overall Dimensions (ft) - 7.70 length x 3.87 width x 5.83 height

Maximum Loading Weight (lbs) - 755

Net Weight (lbs) - 1100

Warranty - 1 year part


Windshield - Split windshield (optional)

Upholstery - Dualife seamless vinyl

Controller - Curtis Programmable - Model 1244-5451 compatible with model 1307 programmer

Brake System - Self adjusting drum brakes

Suspension - Leaf springs and shocks

Rear Axle - 19 spline

Steering - Rack and pinion

Wheels - 8" tires (standard), 10" tires (optional)

Charger - 48v automatic charger

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