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Enviro-Energies 10 kW Magnetic Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Enviro-Energies 10 kW MVAWT

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Rated output of 10 kW and maximum output of 12 kW. Can be utilized in most wind conditions. Power generation in as low as 4 mph of wind. UL certified 12 kW rated grid-tie inverter system. 10’h x 20’d sail assembly. Patented MagLev axial flux permanent magnet generator. Very popular with corporate, retail and industrial clients as moving green billboards with corporate colors and logo imprinted onto the sails of the turbine.

The 10 kW MVAWT™ is installed on Jay Leno’s world famous Big Dog Garage in Southern California. Jay’s MVAWT™ is also featured on the hit television show “Living With Ed” on Planet Green of the Discovery Network ( Tune in to see Jay showing off his new MVAWT™ helping to power the Big Dog Garage!

Physical Data:

Sail Dimensions - 10 feet high x 20 feet diameter

Generator Dimensions - 30.5 inches high x 40 inches diameter

Assembled Dimensions - 160.5 inches high x 240 inches diameter

Sail Weight - 960 pounds

Generator Weight - 2075 pounds

Assembled Weight - 3035 pounds

Maximum Side Load* - 1721 pounds

Maximum Torque** - 9290 ft pounds

* In 120 mph winds with MVAWT in locked position. Side loads diminish considerably with MVAWT in motion.
** in 120 mph winds.

Operational Data:

Rated Output - 10000 Watts

Maximum Output - 13800 Watts

Start-up Wind Speed - 1-2 mph

Cut-in Wind Speed - 4 mph

Cut-out Wind Speed - 90 mph*

Rated Temperature Range - -45 F to 140 F

Over Speed Protection - Electromagnetic Brake

Generator - Permanent Magnet

Noise Level - <20dB

*150 mph with High Airspeed Wind Kit installed.

Grid-Tied Inverter System Data:

Rated Output - 12000 Watts

Maximum Output - 13800 Watts

Rated Temperature Range - -13 F to 140 F

Input Voltage - 50V - 580V

Output Voltage - 240V, 208V or 277V

Output Frequency - 60Hz, 50Hz

Certifications - UL1741, CE, EEE1547

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