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Proven Energy 2.5 kW Grid Connect Turbine
Proven Energy 2.5 kW Grid Connect Turbine

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The Proven 2.5 produces 2.5kW of electricity. This can meet the power needs of a standard three-bedroom home, excluding heating. Any excess energy production can be stored or exported to the grid, depending on local regulations. The turbine is approximately the same size as a standard telegraph pole.

The robust Proven 2.5 can be used to power small lighting systems in commercial premises. The Proven 2.5EX is widely used on off-shore oil platforms, as it is the only turbine in the world that is totally explosion-proof.

Grants and funding for installation are widely available for consumers and businesses. Generating electricity from a wind turbine helps to cut down CO2 emissions and reduces climate change levy charges.

Proven Patented Furling - In winds of above 25 mph, the Proven's blades twist to limit power in response to high rpm. In higher winds, the blades will begin to cone, reducing the rotor diameter, to maintain a constant rpm.

Marine Build Quality - All machines are manufactured with galvanized steel, stainless steel and plastic components.

Low Speed Equals Durability.
Technical Specifications:

Cut In (mph)* - 5

Cut Out (mph) - none

Survival (mph) - 156

Rated (mph) - 27

Rotor Type - Downwind, self regulating

Number of Blades - 3

Blade Material - Thermoplastic glass composite

Rotor Diameter (ft) - 11.5

Generator Type - Brushless, direct drive, permanent magnet

Battery Charging - 24V or 48V DC

Grid Connect with Windy Boy Inverter - 230 Vac 50 Hz or 24 Vac 60 Hz

Rated RPM - 300

Annual Output** - 2,500 - 5,000 kWh

Head Weight (lbs) - 419

Mast Type - Tilt-Up, tapered, self-supporting, no guy wires

Hub Height (ft) - 21 ft or 35 ft (taller towers also available upon request)

WT Found (yd) - 3.4 or 8

Winch Found (yd) - 0.5 or 1.3

Tower Weight (lbs) - 531 or 981

Mechanical Brake - Yes

Noise @ 11 mph*** - 40 dBA

Noise @ 45 mph*** - 60 dBA

Rotor Thrust (kN) - 5

*1 mile per hour = 13.6 kph = 0.45 metre/second
** Output range is quoted to cover typical average wind speeds (annual). Lighter wind sites with typical 10 mph will produce lower end of range. Higher wind speed sites, e.g. 13.5 mph average, will produce upper end of range.
***All readings taken with an ATP SL-25 dBA meter at the base of the tower at a height of 5 ft.

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