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GTS Sanyo 5600W Residential Grid Tie System
GTS 5600W Residential Grid Tie System
Fronius IG5100 Inverter

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Finding ways to reduce cost and streamline operations is imperative in today's increasingly competitive world of residential solar installation. Traditionally, residential solar electric systems involve design, documentation, sourcing of individual components, off-site receiving and staging, and one-of-a-kind on site installation. This method is complex, prone to error, and time consuming. SunWize Grid-Tie system packages are a superior approach, saving photovoltaic (PV) installers substantial time and money. Here's how:

Complete, Packaged Kits: Delivered to the job site
Everything needed is included. Time and effort is saved by not having to generate a bill of materials and order multiple items. The whole system is shipped right to your driveway with not staging or double handling. Moreover, it eliminates the possibility of errors in ordering or in loading the truck. The job never comes to a halt because something is missing.

Engineered Systems: Proven reliability and permit-ready
SunWize Grid-Tie Systems are fully engineered and documented systems. They are proven, standard systems that free installers from having to design and engineer a system, and generate drawings. Installers have everything they need to obtain a permit and facilitate an inspection. The resources usually expended in design, engineering and documentation can go right to the bottom line or be redirected to revenue generating activities.

Standard Systems: Increased installation efficiency
Grid-Tie Systems stay the same. Crews that continually work with Grid-Tie Systems quickly move through the learning curve and become very skilled and swift in their installation.

Module and Balance of System Availability: No waiting
Many manufacturers are back-ordered and cannot ship until months after an order is placed. SunWize Grid-Ties Systems are in-stock and ship one business day after receipt of your order.

SunWize Grid-Tie System Packages
SunWize Grid-Ties Systems contain high quality, UL listed components. Every component needed for a successful installation is included in the package. In addition to modules and inverters, each package includes SolarMount flush PV racks, and necessary hardware and electrical components. The installer supplies the wiring from the solar array to the main panel and lag bolts. Packages also include complete documentation, an installation guide and operation/owner's manual.

Multiple systems can be installed for higher power output and systems may also be expanded in the future as budget or electrical requirements grow. Grid-Tie System packages can be installed on any type of composition or tile roof. the array is securely attached to the roof of the building with the mounts in compliance with US building codes.

NOTE: GTS packages are designed for best operation in regions with average ambient temperatures from 5°F to 104ºF.

Solar Modules - Sanyo 200W

UniRac Solar Mount code-compliant, flush PV mounting structure of clear anodized aluminum including rail set with L-fee and attachments for shingle roofs, top clamps and splice kits. Adjustable tilt leg sets for mounting to horizontal surfaces are sold separately.

Outdoor-rated Grid-Tie Inverter with LCD digital output display. Fronius IG series with a pre-wired SunWize Power Center consisting of an aluminum back panel, NEMA 3R, AC and DC disconnect switches. The Power Center is designed to facilitate easy on-site installation of the inverter. There is an optional digital kWh meter with socket box. Inverters come with standard 10-year warranties. Fronius offers the option to exxtend the warranty to 15-years.

Wiring - Includes #10 AWG MC interconnect extension sub-array cords, wire management system with cable ties and wire clips, PV copper grounding lug system, PV fused combiner (if needed) and array wiring pull boxes. The home-run wiring from the solar array to the main panel is supplied by the installer.

Documentation - Includes electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties, installation instructions and owner's manual.

  • PV Module Model - Sanyo 200
  • PV # Series x Parallel - 4 x 7
  • Array Power (STC Watts) - 5600
  • Array Power (CEC Watts) - 5283.6
  • Inverter Model - Fronius IG5100
  • Inverter Power (kW) - 5.1
  • Output Vac - 240

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